Using crumena

Manage item

Add program file

By drag and drop program file to crumena, you can add item to preset.

If a PNG file with the same name as the program file exists, it will automatically use that file as an icon.

Add code snippet

You can register to crumena by selecting the program code you want to register and dragging and dropping it.

If you drag and drop the code, a dialog for registration will be displayed.You can specify a name, an outline, and a language to be used on the dialog.

Edit item

You can edit an item by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit from the menu that comes up.

Set custom icon

Set custom icon from clipboard

If the image data is stored on the clipboard, you can use the data on the clipboard as an icon by right-clicking on the icon button and selecting “Use clipboard image as icon”.

Set custom icon from file

You can set the item’s icon by clicking on the icon button at the top right of the dialog and selecting a PNG file.

Remove item

Right click→Remove Item to delete the item.

Manage preset

Select preset

You can select a preset from the pull-down menu at the top right.

Save preset

You can save the item list as a preset by right-clicking on it and choosing Save Preset (or Save Preset As).

Close current preset

Right-click on the preset and choose “Close Preset” to close the currently open preset and empty the item list.

Remove Preset

Right click→Remove Preset to delete the currently open preset.

Switch view

You can switch between icon view and list view.

Sharing presets within a team

The environment variable CRUMENA_PRESET or os.environ[‘CRUMENA_PRESET’] can be used to specify the preset location.